Epilepsy Fact Sheets

These fact sheets contain information and activities on epilepsy. They can be downloaded and used for educational purposes.

Please consult your doctor or other health professional for advice regarding your epilepsy.

Fact sheets:

  1. What is epilepsy?
  2. Epilepsy types
  3. The brain
  4. What to do if someone is having a convulsive seizure
  5. Children and epilepsy
  6. Epilepsy ID (cards)
  7. Epilepsy medication
  8. My seizure diary
  9. Safety in the home
  10. Be empowered
  11. Driving and epilepsy
  12. Risk management plan for teachers
  13. First aid posters for seizures
  14. Cooking with epilepsy
  15. Epilepsy and memory
  16. Epilepsy and mood disorders
  17. St John Protocols
  18. Epilepsy diagnosis and treatment
  19. Epilepsy and motherhood
  20. How to help a student with epilepsy
  21. Being a teenager and having epilepsy
  22. Epilepsy and sport
  23. Living with the challenges of epilepsy
  24. Taking your anti-epileptic medications
  25. Epilepsy and the older person
  26. Epilepsy and employment
  27. SUDEP (Sudden Unexpected Death by Epilepsy)
  28. Epilepsy and women
  29. Understanding Seizure Disorders
  30. We are..removing stigma, fear and prejudice around epilepsy
  31. Seizure alarms and monitors
  32. Epilepsy and oral health
  33. Epilepsy and diets
  34. Epilepsy and wellness
  35. Epilepsy and behaviour in children
  36. Travelling overseas by air travel when you have epilepsy
  37. Epilepsy and men
  38. Supporting children with epilepsy with learning and behaviour difficulties

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Educational activity sheets for children:

  1. When I take my medication
  2. My epilepsy trigger
  3. What to do if a friend is having a seizure
  4. After a seizure this is how I feel
  5. Precious brain
  6. Brain diagram labelled
  7. Amazing brain maze
  8. The brain and body working together
  9. Memory game
  10. How to make a brain picture
  11. Exercise your brain with a crossword
  12. Brain box word-find
  13. Who I am
  14. I have epilepsy – meet my friends
  15. Children with epilepsy can do most things
  16. Epilepsy quiz
  17. How to dial 111 for an ambulance
  18. I had an EEG today (Poem)
  19. Chatterbox puzzle
  20. Medication star chart

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