Trustee Application

Back row: Karl Bentley, Cyril Markham, David Nicholls (administrator/secretary), David Lowe. Front row: Jill Davies, Ashita Bhudia, Tracey Morgan, Maria Lowe (advisor/advocate), Trevarr McCarthy.

We are looking for new trustees to join the EWCT Trust Board so that we can continue to provide a valued service to our clients, families, and others in our community. As well as contributing to a worthwhile cause and to society, being a trustee provides opportunities to build individual skills and enhance your CV.

If you think you might be able to help on the board in some way, or you may have a family member or friend who is interested in such a role, please do contact our administrator at and they will arrange for a trust board member to get in touch to provide more details and information, or to simply answer questions without obligation.

Being a trustee is an important and serious role and does require a commitment to attend monthly meetings and to help the board achieve its aims including supporting the epilepsy advisor. The trustee’s role is not usually an onerous job, however, and typically involves several hours per month. More senior positions held by officers on the board (including treasurer, funding manager, chair, and deputy chair) involve more time − but our friendly and experienced board provides the officers with great support.

For its continuing success and to maintain its support for our clients, it is essential that the trust board maintains its enthusiasm and ability to function well. Renewing the board with new trustees is therefore an important step and so we hope some of you consider becoming trustees (and potentially officers of the board in due course). Note that EWCT Trust Board carries a range of liability insurances.

David Lowe, Chair EWCT (dated 11 April 2023)