Epilepsy Articles – April 2018

EWCT brings you the latest news on epilepsy-related articles from around the web.

  • The ketogenic diet (KD) appears to be just as effective as corpus callosotomy (CC) and vagal nerve stimulation (VNS) in reducing seizures and improving behavior and quality of life in children with drug-resistant epilepsy, new research shows. – https://www.medscape.com

  • Stress reduction techniques appear to reduce seizure frequency in patients with medication-resistant epilepsy, new research shows. – https://www.medscape.com/

  • Here is also a lovely little video for you to watch.

  • Patients with epilepsy want information about their risk for sudden unexpected death in epilepsy (SUDEP), even if it frightens them, and they want their doctor to provide this information, preliminary results of a new patient survey reveal. The survey findings further suggest that providing information on SUDEP might encourage patients to be more adherent with therapy. – https://www.medscape.com/
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