Epilepsy Articles – March 2018

EWCT brings you the latest news on epilepsy-related articles from around the web.

  • The Link Between Stress and Epilepsy

    “It is widely accepted that we live in a stressful society. The pressures of financial survival, work, travel in crowded cities and meeting our responsibilities are just some of the stresses that everyone experiences in their daily life.

    For people with epilepsy there may be additional stresses associated with their condition. These included the need to take medication regularly, uncertainty about when a seizure will occur, difficulties gaining a driver’s licence and dependency on others, to name just a few”


  • Symptoms of depression, anxiety, and stress in parents of young children with epilepsy

    “Parents – particularly mothers – with children diagnosed with epilepsy are more likely to suffer depression & anxiety compared to parents with children diagnosed with other brain conditions”

  • Telegraph political cartoonist Bob Moran shared his emotional experience of becoming a dad to a daughter with special needs in this beautiful animated video. Titled “Father’s Days: the animated memoir of a first-time dad,” the video shows Moran trying to become the father figure he always imagined he’d be as he helps his baby navigate through the NICU, cerebral palsy, epilepsy and more.

  • “Caring for a woman with epilepsy is a daunting task that requires the neurologist to be familiar with the complex interactions between female sex hormones, AEDs, and epilepsy. Pregnancy is a particularly vulnerable time when multidisciplinary care, including close involvement of the obstetric team, may improve the outcome for the mother and baby.”


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