Job Chat – Helping people gain employment

Wade Limpus

Wade Limpus

How do you write a CV, a covering letter, know how to apply for jobs (let alone apply online), prepare yourself for a job interview, or understand fully the value of networking, if you are not in the know about these things? Throw in a perceived (or real) barrier such as a disability to employment, and then the going starts to get tough, but it needn’t be.

Job Chat was formed in the beginning of 2014 after a casual discussion between Sharon Jefferies (Blind Foundation employment consultant), Wade Limpus (Wintec disability coordinator and trustee, Epilepsy Waikato Charitable Trust) and Maria Lowe (the Epilepsy Adviser for Epilepsy Waikato Charitable Trust). At the end of this discussion, it was decided to put in place a free, monthly pre-employment course that would aid an understanding of how to gain employment.

Each month, there is a specific topic, which is delivered by Sharon, with the use of a power point presentation, together with input from Wade. Some days guest speakers are involved. The event is held in the Blind Foundation building in Liverpool Street in Hamilton, and anyone, regardless of age or disability, is welcome to attend.

Job Chat has grown in popularity as people get to hear of the benefits of joining it. Sharon and Wade help with CVs and they are both passionate in directly helping people to gain employment

Job Chat is a pre-employment course and does not guarantee placement into employment. That is up to the job applicants and their readiness and skills to join the workforce. It takes effort to apply for jobs but, by attending Job Chat and meeting regularly with others, enables people to gain in confidence and to offer collegial support.

Meanwhile, much is being done by organisations such as Workbridge and Enrich Plus to make contacts with perspective employers to break down barriers to employment. With this support and that of Job Chat a future in employment looks promising.

For more information email or phone:

Sharon: ph 027 201 6794
or Wade: ph 021 1084 450
or Maria: ph 021 888 293