Epilepsy Artwork by Grace Condie

My name is Grace Condie I am 18 years old from Auckland and I was diagnosed with Epilepsy when I was 9 years old.

Having seizures has definitely changed my life, but so has art. I have always been passionate in all kinds of art; such as painting, drawing, photography and printmaking, and I express myself, as most artists do through all these different mediums.

After enrolling into Whitecliffe College of Arts and Design I decided to make my main focus Epilepsy. A lot of my artwork last year expressed some of my emotions I have dealt with after Seizures, taking medications and living with Epilepsy in general and it has really helped me accept who I am and embrace it in such and amazing and beautiful way.

This piece is more of a literal one which I submitted for Mixed Media class, the colours of my brain scan all represent something, the colour of my medication- purple, the pain mentally-green and the pain physically- red. I choose not to let my Epilepsy define who I am as a person, just embrace it as artwork. Everything happens for a reason, and I was made this way for a reason; and Art has really helped me realise that.

– Grace Condie

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