Epilepsy Articles March 2021

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This month we are looking at EEGs

  1. EEGs were developed in the 1920s to measure neural activity on the brain but did you know that some people were often, and still are, misdiagnosed because of their hair type? People with thick or curly hair have less positive electrical connections when the electrodes are placed on the scalp.

    To get around this problem, researchers in America have designed electrodes that better suit African American hair types which demonstrates that technologies are at long last adapting to the diversity of culture.

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  2. It can be very confusing when someone has an EEG and is told that it was normal. Yet,
    it’s equally confusing when a person is told there was a lot of activity or specific kinds of
    activity found. The main question in both situations – What does this mean for your
    unique situation?


  3. Epihunter is a seizure detector that is a unique and proprietary smartphone application
    which uses brainwaves from the EEG headset to automatically detect, signal and log
    absence seizures in real time.

    Seizure duration is shown also so additional notes can be logged.


  4. Kieran has an EEG