Epilepsy Articles April 2021

EWCT brings you the latest news on epilepsy-related articles

  1. Understanding seizure triggers: Some events or situations can lower the seizure threshold and
    make a person more vulnerable to seizures. If you learn which things may trigger your seizures
    then you and your GP can learn to manage your epilepsy more effectively.

    Here is a common list of seizure triggers:

    Missed medications
    Tiredness or sleep deprivation
    Stress Menstrual periods in women
    Medication change
    Sensory stimulation
    Hormonal changes
    Flashing lights
    Some medications
    Missing meals

  1. A mathematical model is being developed in the USA to help determine when a seizure is about
    to happen so that people can be forewarned.

    The mathematical model would detect patterns in the brain that would be able to give an
    accurate warning anywhere between five minutes or one hour prior to the seizure. The model
    works by gathering large amounts of data and learning the patterns within the brain. Once the
    data is collected, the model is able to detect certain patterns or precursors to determine
    whether a patient is at risk of a seizure or not.

  2. Epilepsy Research UK produced two films which looked at how epilepsy affects the lives of
    ordinary people. They called this project, “A life interrupted”.

  3. EWCT conducted a ‘phone chat’ project which looked at how epilepsy affects ordinary people
    living in New Zealand.