Kieran has an EEG

Hi! My name is Kieran and I have epilepsy.

Today I am at the hospital with my mum because I am going to have an EEG.

I am so tired because I went to bed really late. I need to be sleepy for a good EEG recording.

Shh! You will have to be quiet when I am having my EEG. I need to be able to relax and close my eyes and sleep.

I get to sit, and sometimes I lie down, in this really comfy chair.

Electrodes are put on my head with sticky gel.

The electrodes are attached to a machine that records my brain waves. I don’t feel anything. I am just so sleepy and relaxed.

The lights will dim soon.

I am asked to breathe in and out quickly.

Can you see that my brain waves are being recorded?

During my EEG I have an Absence seizure. This is recorded too.

The seizure only lasts a few seconds.

Bright light is flashed into my eyes to see if I would have another seizure. I don’t have one this time.

After an hour of relaxing in the chair, the electrodes are removed from my head and I am able to go home for a rest.

My doctor will have a look at my EEG results. In the meantime, I will enjoy all the good things in my life like playing soccer, basketball, and karate, and meeting up with my friends.

Epilepsy is only a small part of who I am.

I hope that you enjoyed reading my story.


Special thanks go to Kieran for sharing his story.

Please feel free to share this story if you found it useful. It’s also available as a downloadable pdf version here.

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