Epilepsy Articles – September 2018

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  1. https://www.nrtimes.co.uk/the-fall-and-rise-of-special-k/Potentially modifiable midlife vascular and lifestyle risk factors are associated with an increased risk of developing late-onset epilepsy, new research shows. Results of a large cohort study of more than 10,000 individuals suggest hypertension, diabetes, smoking, physical activity level, and alcohol use were associated with the disorder in later life.


  2. The physiological effects of cannabinoids can vary widely from person to person, and also depend on how they’re consumed. That lack of predictability is one of the reasons why cannabis oil is a challenging candidate for developing into a medicine.


  3. Almost every patient with epilepsy complains of difficulty with memory. It’s one of the main things they want improved, after the seizures themselves. Yet doctors never usually ask about this when they’re doing a check. And the problem is also that, even if people do tell their doctors and get a referral for a memory test, the standard memory tests often aren’t suitable for people with epilepsy.


  4. Almost a century after it was invented as an epileptic seizure cure, the ketogenic diet is on the rise again, in the face of failing drugs and fresh evidence linking it to other conditions including brain injury.

    The fall and rise of Special K

  5. This is a really good documentary on one woman’s epilepsy story

    Photosensitivity Warning
    This film contains flashing lights that can trigger seizures in people with epilepsy.

  6. The Epilepsy Foundation of America has put together an explanation of the kinds of memory problems you may be having because of your epilepsy. Broadly they fall into three areas: attention, storage and retrieval.


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