Epilepsy Articles November 2020

EWCT brings you the latest news on epilepsy-related articles

  1. There has been considerable interest recently in the gut-brain relationship in treating neurological and gastrointestinal diseases.

    Do people with epilepsy have different populations of bacteria than people without epilepsy? Does successful AED treatment change the gut biota? The answers aren’t known; researchers are still studying what a “normal” gut biome looks like, or if there is such a thing.

  2. Memories come in many different forms. There is much that researchers do not understand about human memory and how it works.

    This article explores the types of memory and what a person can do to improve their recall.

    Many people with epilepsy say that their memory is badly affected by seizures and /or their anti- epilepsy medications. For more information about epilepsy and memory. Please see our epilepsy and memory fact sheet.  

  3. Focal with aware seizures (formerly known as simple partial seizures) are often overlooked in a diagnosis of epilepsy. People living with focal aware seizures may experiencing deja vue, jamais vue, smell and taste changes or have problems with speech or hearing for example.

    Having subtler symptoms, a form of epilepsy that affects only one part of the brain often goes undiagnosed long enough to cause unexpected seizures that contribute to car crashes, a new study finds.