10 Alarms that detect seizures

1. Embrace watch

Embrace is the first medical quality wearable to help measure stress, epileptic seizures, activity and sleep. As well as identifying seizures it also has a feature to notify parents and caregivers when a seizure occurs.

“When people that have Epilepsy wear Embrace, they will get an alert when an unusual event happens, like a convulsive seizure. It will go via their smartphone to parents, roommates.”


2. The Apple watch series 6

The Apple watch series 6 not only measures blood oxygen levels but the app Epi Watch which is available to go with the watch can track seizure data before, during and after the event. By learning more about a person’s seizures it is believed that it could help to detect an episode before it occurs, making it easier for a person living with epilepsy to get somewhere safe and to get help.


3. The Nightwatch

The NightWatch consists of a comfortable wireless armband that closely monitors heartbeat and motion when the wearer is lying in bed. When the NightWatch measures a possibly severe epileptic seizure, a wireless warning signal is sent to a caregiver in another room via the corresponding base station.


4. SAMi

SAMi® is a sleep activity monitor for individuals, parents and caregivers who need to watch carefully for unusual movements at night.

  • Video based movement detection and recording
  • Works with Apple iPod, iPhone or iPad

5. Epihunter Wearable absence seizure tracker

Signals seizures in real time creating understanding and awareness.

Keeps track of seizures, notes and automated video recording providing insight at all times.

A world first product that is now available in Australia and New Zealand.

6. Emfit epilepsy seizure alarm

The EMFIT Safe-bed is the first alarm that detects both the person’s tonic-clonic seizures which occur in bed and the person’s bed-exit with the same sensor. New, patented sensor technology detects all of a person’s movements while distinguishing normal movements from seizures with muscle jerkings.

EMFIT Safe-bed also notices the presence and absence of a person. It alarms when the person has the clonic phase of a tonic-clonic seizure and/or when the person leaves the bed and does not return within a preset time. It has an audible alarm with adjustable volume. It easily connects to either a nurse call system or medical alarm such as the Smart Caller Blue-Phone.


7. Safe-Life Pendant


8. Securely medical alarms

Fall Detection Pendant and the Voice Panic Detector

9. St John medical alarms

You can book for a free trial.


10. Breathe-zy Anti-Suffocation Pillow

The Breathe-zy Anti-Suffocation Pillow is a Class 1 Medical Device which is designed to be breathable, practical and comfortable, whilst assisting in the prevention of SUDEP.

Funding sources within New Zealand:

  • Accident Compensation Corporation (ACC)
    ACC sometimes covers the cost of home-based medical alarm services for patients recovering from accidents. You can discuss this further with your ACC Case Manager.