Epilepsy Articles November 2021

  1. Both migraine and seizures are episodic conditions, meaning that a person does not experience symptoms all the time, and flares may come in episodes. Certain things can trigger an attack of either condition or increase the likelihood of them occurring

    This article looks at the connection and explores the research into the link between seizures and migraine.

  2. Children with epilepsy (CWE) have a wide range of learning abilities but many will experience problems with cognition, memory, learning processes, concentration or behaviour. It is suggested that at least 25% of CWE will function in the learning-disabled range as a result of the underlying cause of epilepsy and their seizures and/or medications. Consequently, many CWE, especially boys, are at risk generally of underachievement and make less progress than would be expected for their age and intelligence level. CWE have very high rates of behavioural and learning difficulties which often go unrecognised.

    Many behavioural difficulties for CWE include attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), autism spectrum disorder (ASD), depression and anxiety. This article explains the possible link between epilepsy and autism.

    This article explains why we need to improve ADHD awareness.