Epilepsy Articles May 2020

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  1. A person who cares for someone with a health condition like epilepsy can be called a caregiver. Caregivers are no doubt, an important part of every epilepsy patient’s journey, because of the many things they do. While the health of your loved one with epilepsy is important, it is also essential to take care of your physical and mental well being, so that you can be in a good condition to help them.

    7 tips to help you stay in top shape for your loved one

  2. How do people cope with the pandemic?

    A survey reveals worrying trends. A survey of 562 people in the United States helps reveal the emotional impact of the pandemic, suggesting that many turn to substances such as alcohol and marijuana to help them manage anxiety and depression.

    This pandemic has been a worrying time for some people also in New Zealand. How have we coped overall?

  3. Cure Research has put together a list of really interesting articles that you may enjoy reading here.

  4. All seizures are followed by a recovery period called the post-ictal phase. It is a temporary brain condition following seizures. Some people recover fairly quickly (i.e. seconds to minutes) but others take much longer (i.e. hours to days) depending on the seizure type, severity and which region of the brain is affected. It can be a worrying time for people who feel disconnected from their real selves. In some cases, people can be wrongly treated because of a lack of understanding by others during the recovery phase. The recovery period cannot be hurried.

    It is reported that at least 70% of people experience post-ictal complications including:
    Confusion, drowsiness, memory loss, nausea, feeling unwell, a sore body, difficulties with speech, headaches or migraines, feeling embarrassed or upset.

    This is a really interesting article but it is more scientific.