Understanding and Managing Epilepsy – An Introductory Guide


  • The first general book on epilepsy to be published in New Zealand in more than 30 years
  • Describes at an introductory level the complex nature of epilepsy, its potentially life-long impacts, and its management
  • Covers basic information including defining epilepsy, different types of seizures, outlines possible treatment options, and describes how to live safely with the condition
  • Includes first-hand accounts by people with epilepsy, or their caregivers, about their experiences, challenges, and accomplishments whilst living with epilepsy
  • Written in a clear and accessible way for a wide audience including people living directly with epilepsy and others such as family members, caregivers, flatmates, workmates, and employers
  • Provides two first-aid posters and a glossary as well as numerous links to websites about epilepsy and resources, and access to community help and support

First edition 2021, ix + 81 pp., multiple illustrations in colour, two posters, glossary, 148 x 210 mm (A5) Published by Epilepsy Waikato Charitable Trust (EWCT), P.O. Box 633, Hamilton 3240, New Zealand