Ben’s Buddies – Epilepsy Children’s Story Book


A book that helps demystify epilepsy.

This appealing book aims to help children, families, teachers and friends to understand epilepsy, demystify the condition and break down barriers.

Epilepsy Waikato Charitable Trust epilepsy advisor Maria Lowe meets children, families and teachers in her work every day. She realised that there were very few appealing picture books that helped to demystify epilepsy. Sharon Holt’s sensitive story and Deborah Hinde’s beautiful illustrations work perfectly together to create a book that achieves its aim.

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Available in 3 languages:
Ben’s Buddies – te reo Māori 
Ben’s Buddies – English
Ben’s Buddies – Deutsche

What others say about Ben’s Buddies:

“This book is short, sweet and beautifully illustrated for children. It opens with a gentle introduction to epilepsy by explaining that Ben and his canine companion, Lulu, have something in common. They both have epilepsy. Ben’s Buddies was written to help demystify epilepsy and break down barriers, which it does in an entirely appropriate manner for children. It would also be a useful resource for teachers as there’s a very clear and accessible seizure action plan page at the end of the book.”
– UK Epilepsy Society

“We are interested in ordering a few copies of Ben’s Buddies for use in reducing epilepsy stigma in public schools in Grenada, West Indies.”
– Karen Blackmon, Ph.D. St. George’s School of Medicine, West Indies